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All female flight crew in Afghanistan makes history


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All female flight crew in Afghanistan makes history



Afghanistan’s first all-female flight ever.

Kam Air, Afghanistan’s only private airline, is celebrating its first flight with an all-female crew making history in the Central Asian country.

The carrier’s first female Afghan pilot, 22-year-old Mohadese Mirzaee, joined Captain Veronica Borysova in the cockpit for the Boeing 737 flight from Kabul to Herat in western Afghanistan on Wednesday.

Four female cabin crew serviced passengers for the routine 90-minute flight.

Mohammad Qasim Wafayezada, Head of Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority, posted on his Facebook page that the flight had made Afghan aviation history.


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Josh Cahill, a travel YouTuber, was invited to document the flight during his recent trip to Asia.

Cahill said the flight was as smooth running as any that he’s in his extensive global journeys, telling Business Insider that the flight crew consisted of “highly trained pilots.”

“The crew has been very professional, just as you would expect from any other airline around the world,” Cahill told Insider.

“I have joined a few crews at the flight deck around the globe and I couldn’t notice any difference,” he said.

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