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‘Burger King Man’ kicked off flight for using N-word AGAIN!!


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‘Burger King Man’ kicked off flight for using N-word AGAIN!!

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Man kicked off plane for second time for using racial slurs.

A video posted online shows a man wearing a paper Burger King crown getting kicked off an American Airlines flight for calling other passengers the N-word.


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Although it is unclear where and when the incident took place, the video has surfaced three-weeks after the same man was kicked off a JetBlue flight in Jamaica for the exact same offence.

Jamaican police reportedly arrested the man in that first incident, however, he did not face serious charges.


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The man wore the Burger King crown in both instances.

In the latest American Airlines video, a passenger can be seen telling a flight attendant, “He called me the N-word,” before other passengers agree saying, “we all heard him.”

The ‘Burger King Man’ then claims he did not direct the word to the other passengers but instead said it to himself.

He claims: “I can say whatever I want – it’s freedom of speech.”

He then gets into an argument with a woman sat in front of him, repeatedly saying: “Don’t swing your Covid on me.”

The video does not show police arriving to escort the man off the plane like what happened in the JetBlue flight. Instead he fetches his bag and walks off escorted by a flight attendant.

It is unclear if he was arrested for a second time.

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