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Buy Radisson Rewards Points With 100% Bonus & Book Hotels From €46


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Radisson Rewards is currently selling its points with a 100% bonus. That means that you could practically book a night as an award night for €46

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Hint: Radisson Rewards offers a simple Status Match.

The bought points are especially good for big events like conventions, where hotel prices go through the roof, but standard rooms are still sold at a fixed price for points.

You can buy between 1,000 and 120,000 points + 100% bonus points. Thus, you can get up to 240,000 points. You’ll be paying US$3.50 (~€3.09) per 1,000 points instead of the usual US$7.00 (~€6.18). That gives you a price of 0.35 USD-cents (€0.0031) per point.

You’ll have to spend between 9,000 and 70,000 points for an award night. If you calculate the price that you paid for the points, the standard rooms would be costing you:

Hotel category Hotels Points Price
1 42 9,000 US$32 (~€28)
2 107 15,000 US$52 (~€46)
3 422 28,000 US$98 (~€86)
4 303 38,000 US$133 (~€117)
5 186 44,000 US$154 (~€136)
6 51 50,000 US$175 (~€154)
7 72 70,000 US$245 (~€216)
Price for each hotel category when buying points

You can redeem the points in 1,183 worldwide hotels. A good way to search for suitable redemption options is to browse through Radisson Rewards’ hotel index with filter options for the amount of necessary points:

Hotel index

Sweet Spots

Here are some examples for possible sweets spots in each category:

Category 1: 9,000 Points = €28

In theory, you could book an award night for €28. Nevertheless, the category 1 hotels for 9,000 points are mainly located in countries such as India, Indonesia, China… There doesn’t seem to be a single hotel in Europe or North America, except for the Radisson Szklarska Poreba in Poland, which doesn’t show high availability for standard rooms.

Category 2: 15,000 Points = €46

You can already find some hotels in Europe for 15,000 points = €46, e.g.:

You should, nevertheless, always be careful. While you’d be saving money in Dresden, the hotel in Katowice is often available for an even lower price than if you’d pay with points.


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Category 3: 28,000 Points = €86

You’ll find the highest amount of hotels by far in hotel category 3 for 28,000 points = €86. Here are a few ideas:

Please always check, before buying the points, how much the hotel usually charges, and if there’s a standard room available.

Category 4: 44,000 Points = €117

In category 4 for 44,000 points = €117 you’ll already find many hotels in metropolises, where it can be worth paying €117, especially when there’s a big event, such as a convention:

Category 5: 50,000 Points = €154

Even in category 5 for 50,000 points = €154 you’ll find some sweet spots in metropolises:

Category 7: 70,000 Points = €216

If you’re willing to spend a much higher number of points, you have category 7 with 70,000 points= €216. Here, you’ll find many very expensive hotels, e.g. in London or New York, where you can save a lot of money by buying points, but also many hotels where using the purchased points is no longer profitable.

Award Reservations are Cancellable

A big advantage of award bookings is that Radisson Rewards usually lets you cancel them up until 6 pm on the same day.

radisson award cancel
Free cancellation before 6 pm on the day of arrival

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