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Deal alert: London to Greek Islands from £48 return for travel from August to October

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Deal alert: London to Greek Islands from £48 return for travel from August to October

Last week, we got the news we’ve all been waiting for: That summer holiday we’ve been dreaming of can now go ahead. As expected, many flights to the likes of Spain, Italy and Greece got snapped up, and as such, prices went through the roof. Not all is lost, as we’ve managed to find flights to the Greek Islands

for less than £80 return in August and just £48 return in October.

The flights are to a selection of Greek Island favourites including Crete (CHQ), Mykonos (JMK), Rhodes (RHO) and Santorini (JTR).

To book, head to Google Flights and enter London as your departure airport and the destination of your choice for the arrival airport. Then, all you need to do is use the built-in price comparison to find the lowest fares, which will be highlighted in green. Depending on the destination, you should then head to either the EasyJet or Ryanair website to complete your booking.

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Remember, EasyJet and Ryanair‘s lowest fares don’t include a checked bag. But, if you’re clever with your packing, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem — make sure you don’t forget these six items. Just because you’re flying low cost, doesn’t mean you have to have a low-cost experience.

Airline: EasyJet/Ryanair
Cost: £48+ return
Travel Dates: August-October 2020

Here are a few examples of what you can book:

London (LGW) to Mykonos (JMK) for £48 return:

London (LGW) to Santorini (JTR) for £57 return:

London (LGW) to Rhodes (RHO) for £66 return:

London (STN) to Chania, Crete (CHQ) for £74 return:

London (LGW) to Mykonos (JMK) for £78 return:

Featured photo by Levente Bodo/Getty Images

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