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Flying Blue: Double Points & Miles for the Remainder of 2020

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KLM 777 Business Class

Air France’ and KLM‘s joint frequent traveler program Flying Blue has come up with a new way to make travelling more attractive during the Covid-19 pandemic. Until the end of 2020, all flights with an AF or KL flight number will be credited with twice the usual points and miles, regardless who operates the flights.

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There is no special registration necessary. The promotion runs automatically for all new and existing accounts.

Double Mileage

Since April 2018, FlyingBlue reward miles are revenue based. While the base value of miles is doubled, tier bonuses remain unchanged. This leads to the following award mileage:

  • No Tier: 8 Miles per Euro instead of 4
  • Silver Member: 10 Miles per Euro instead of 6
  • Gold Member: 11 Miles per Euro instead of 7
  • Platinum Member: 12 Miles per Euro instead of 8

Double XP

FlyingBlue credits status points in XP. These are based on your travel class (Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First) and distance of your flight:

XP Tabelle Flying Blue

Each number in the sheet above will be doubled. This makes is a lot easier to gain a status or to get upgraded into a higher tier.

For example, a business class from Hamburg to Manchester via Amsterdam, generates 120 instead of 60 XP. This is already enough to reach Silver tier. To gain Gold membership, that grants alliance-wide lounge access for two persons, you need additional 160 XP.

Terms & Conditions

  • The offer is valid for all new and existing Flying Blue members.
  • The promotion is valid on all flights between July 13 and December 31, 2020.
  • Valid on all flights with an AF or KL flight number.
  • Crediting of miles and points may take up to six weeks.
  • The booking date of your tickets is not relevant. The bonus is applied to all already purchased tickets.

Bottom Line

Long haul travel will probably remain practically impossible this year. With this promotion, Flying Blue makes it much easier to gain a status with European or domestic flights. Everyone needs to decide for themselves if it is worth it under the current circumstances.

Thanks to our source YHBU!

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