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In Photos: Dining In Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 Restaurant


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Singapore Airlines has opened an Airbus A380 restaurant, allowing fans and more to dine on the very best food on the very best aircraft – without paying for a full-fare ticket. What is the experience like? Let’s check it out.

A Singapore Airlines stewardess poses next to a billboard during the inaugural lunch at Restaurant A380 @Changi. Photo: Getty Images

Why is Singapore Airlines operating a restaurant?

Demand for air travel is still low, and many airlines have found themselves holding the bag – in this case, its fleets of aircraft that they can’t use for flights. However, some entrepreneurial airlines like Singapore have decided they might allow passengers to experience the food and the onboard product without flying anywhere.

And this restaurant idea has been rather popular!

The carrier has since added more tickets to its restaurant experience after tickets sold out in 30 minutes, and it looks like the culinary business is here to stay.

What is the A380 restaurant experience?

‘Passengers’ or, in this case, diners, are invited to board one of two Airbus A380s for a restaurant experience from Singapore’s Changi Airport.

One two of the Airbus A380s was used for the experience. Photo: Getty Images

If they arrive before midday, they can tour the A380 aircraft that includes a visit to the cockpit (captain’s handshake not included) and see the crew sleeping quarters


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hidden away on the aircraft.
Diners wait to board for the inaugural lunch at Restaurant A380 @Changi onboard a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380. Photo: Getty Images

Then they take their seats on the plane depending on their ‘ticket’ (see below), carefully spaced, so anyone outside of a family group doesn’t sit near each other. The lunch goes for three hours and passengers can choose from the normal onboard menu and more from a list of special extras created for the event.

One of the economy selections served on a tray. Photo: Getty Images

Passengers can also drink two glasses of wine (or other spirits) and watch a movie on the inflight entertainment. And if they so choose, put the seat into lie-flat and have a quick nap.

Diners watch movies while dining in business class during the inaugural lunch. Photo: Getty Images

Passengers can also experience all the onboard products, including bedding, and have a gift to take home at the end of the event.

A view of the first class seating area. Photo: Getty Images

If you are wondering about how much it costs:

Tickets for economy seats start at SG$53 (US$40), with a premium economy costing SG$96 (US$70). A business class seat costs SG$321 (US$236), and a first class suite costs a whopping S$642 (US$473). Alternatively, frequent fliers with the airline can pay using air miles.

A great day out for some little ones. Photo: Getty Images

Overall it is a great experience for those who have never sat in these seats (it’s the cheapest first class seat we have seen on Singapore Airlines) and a nice reminder of what we miss so dearly.

What do you think? Would you do this experience? Let us know in the comments.

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