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OYO Rooms Coupon: 13% Discount on Hotels & Apartments

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OYO Townhouse

OYO is an Indian hotel chain that is rather unknown in Europe. Unlike the famous hotel brands, such as Hilton, Marriott, IHG… OYO focusses on quite small hotels with far less than 100 rooms, which are usually run by an owner and could be seen as Bed & Breakfast hotels.

OYO not only sells these hotels’ rooms but also tries to guarantee certain standards in its branded hotels. For now, the brand is very active in India, Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, China), the United Arab Emirates, USA, Mexico, and Great Britain.


Show OYO

OYO hotels are quite low-priced and can offer a cheap alternative. You can currently also get a 13% discount by using the following coupon:

13% Discount on OYO Hotels Coupon ✄ show & open The coupon code is:OYOSAVEUKCopy to ClipboardCoupon code: OYOSAVEUKValid until August 31, 2020

Redeem Coupon

You can enter the coupon code after selecting a hotel by clicking on View Details. Don’t click on Book Now, as you then won’t get a chance to apply your coupon.

Click on View Details to then enter your coupon

You then have to click on Apply coupon above the Total price:

OYO Gutscheinfeld
Redeeming a coupon for OYO

Often there will already be an applied coupon. If that discount is lower, you can simply replace it, or check under More Offers if there’s maybe an even better discount for you.

Afterward, the coupon will be applied and the total price is reduced accordingly:

Discount applied

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