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Passenger accuses BA worker of stealing his AirPods after tracking them from London flat to Heathrow every day


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BA passenger’s fury over ‘stolen’ Apple AirPods.

A British Airways passenger who left his headphones on a plane now watches the pers on who picked them up take them to work every day to the BA Heathrow offices on the Find My app.


Tim Briggs accidentally left his Apple AirPods on a flight from Austin, Texas, to London Heathrow, three weeks ago.

He reported the gadget missing to BA staff after he landed in London, but it was never retrieved.

Over the next few days Briggs logged into the Find My app on his iPhone, which can track where his other Apple products are, and was shocked to see them making daily trips from the British Airways Global Learning Academy at Heathrow Airport to an apartment in London.


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In a Facebook post, Briggs explained the situation, attaching an image from the tracking app showing the device was at Heathrow Airport.

“I left my AirPods in the seat back on a flight from Austin three weeks ago. I reported it to lost property,” he says in the post.

After the Facebook post went viral, British Airways are reportedly now assisting Briggs in finding the AirPods.

A spokesman for the airline said: “We are currently investigating the matter.”

However BA were quick to point out that the suspected thief could be a colleague from the airport and not a British Airways staffer.


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