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Sixt Ride: 30% Discount or €10 Coupon (Like Uber)


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Sixt not only offers its car sharing service Sixt Share through its app, but also the chauffeur service Sixt Ride (formerly myDriver). This service is available in 150 cities across 60 nations.

For trips from the Budget category onward, you’ll get a 30% discount until August 10, 2020 thanks to this coupon:

30% Sixt Ride Coupon ✄ show & open The coupon code is:SUMMER2020Copy to ClipboardCoupon code: SUMMER2020Valid until August 10, 2020 on trips in the categories Budget, Standard, Premium, and Extra. Not applicable for taxi trips.

For new Sixt Ride customers, there’s currently also a €10-discount on the first trip (even if you’re already registered at Sixt)! You cannot, however, combine both coupons.

10€ SIXT Ride Coupon ✄ show & open The coupon code is:RIDESIXTCopy to ClipboardCoupon code: RIDESIXTValid until retrieved. Also valid for taxis.

You need to manually enter the coupon in the app.

SIXT Ride 25 Gutschein
25% discount after applying the coupon (example)

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Redeeming the Coupon

Sadly, it’s easy to overlook the part where you need to enter the coupon code, so follow these instructions:

  1. Download the app, register, and log in.
  2. Go to Ride and enter your origin and destination.
  3. Select a pick-up time.
  4. You can then select one of the available cars, but before you do that, you’ll have to enter the coupon code.
  5. To enter the code, click on the small i on the top right corner of the white rectangle around that car.
  6. Along with other information to that vehicle type, you’ll also find the coupon code
  7. Click on that and enter the coupon code.
  8. The price should then be reduced.
  9. You can now order your chauffeur!

Alternatively, you can go to your Account and under the Tab Ride add the coupon.

Here are some screenshots (in German):

  • Sixt Ride Gutschein Anleitung
    Click on the i to then add the coupon
  • Sixt Ride Gutscheinfeld
    Entering the coupon
  • Sixt Ride Gutschein eingelöst
    Coupon applied

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