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Spirit flight diverted after man attempts to open door mid-flight


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Spirit flight diverted after man attempts to open door mid-flight



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Unruly passenger causes diversion.

A Spirit Airlines flight carried out an emergency landing on Wednesday after a passenger tried to open an emergency exit door in mid-flight.

Flight 185 from Cleveland to Los Angeles was a little over half-way through its journey when an “unruly” passenger attempted to get off the plane.

In a video posted online, passengers can be seen restraining the topless man as the flight is diverted to Denver.

He was subsequently arrested upon its arrival at Denver International Airport.

“It is important to note that opening a door inflight is impossible due to air pressure inside the cabin pinning the door against its frame with force stronger than any person could ever overcome,” Spirit Airlines said in the statement.

“Safety is our number one priority at Spirit Airlines. Law enforcement met the aircraft in Denver and took the passenger into custody. We thank the crew members and Guests who assisted for handling this situation quickly prior to arrival.”

In another video, the man can be seen being wheeled out on a gurney by paramedics.

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