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Star Alliance cheap flights from Madrid, Spain to Cancún or Mexico City for €260!


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Star Alliance cheap flights from Madird, Spain to Cancún or Mexico City for €260!

Star Alliance partners Lufthansa and Air Canada are offering discounted return flights from Spain to Mexico City. Return flights are available for €260 incl. bag in the hold. The cheapest flights to Mexico are available from Madrid. At this moment there is also great availability at the beginning of next winter season 2021/2022 which is the perfect time to visit this country. However, this seems to be a flash sale available only for the next few days so hurry up if this is something interesting for you..! Although some of the flights are routed via Germany (Munich, Frankfurt) remember you can not skip the first leg of your outbound flight and start your trip in Germany i/o Spain. Any leg you miss the rest of your itinerary would be canceled. You can then book this deal directly with Air Canada / Lufthansa or your preferred booking agent. If interested in this offer you can refer to our booking samples below.


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Flying from: Madrid

Flying to: Mexico City, Cancún

Airline(s): Lufthansa, Air Canada, United

Luggage: Handbags

Travel period: May 2021 to March 2021 (Mexico City) or November 2021 to February 2022 (Cancún)

Book by: 20th of April

Booking sample

Madrid to Mexico for €312 (booking with the airline)

Madrid to Cancún for €260

Madrid to Mexico City for €279

Booking sample of latest promotional offer of Lufthansa, United or Air Canada. Star Alliance cheap flights from Spain to Mexico from €260! Your outbound flight from Madrid to Mexico would be on the 27th of January. Inbound flight from this exotic and usually fairly expensive destination in North America back to Europe on the 3rd of February 2021. Want to visit Cancún or Mexico City in the main tourist season do not miss these Lufthansa cheap return flights from Europe to Mexico!

Star Alliance cheap flights from Madird, Spain to Cancún or Mexico City for €260!

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