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TikTok user cooks steak in Delta plane toilet


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TikTok user cooks steak in Delta plane toilet

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Social media user lights a fire in a plane’s toilet bowl.

A comedian from New York has created a stir after he recorded himself in an aeroplane bathroom cooking a steak.

Marcus Monroe’s video shows him “grilling” a steak over a fire he started in what appeared to be the toilet of a Delta Air Lines plane.


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“They don’t have hot meals anymore on aeroplanes so … I come up with a solution,” he wrote in the caption of the now-deleted video.

Monroe lights a fire in the toilet before placing an aluminium grilling sheet on top of the seat.

He then puts on a piece of meat on the sheet, pours over white wine and even garnishes the meal with a sauce and some fresh spinach taken from a ziplock bag.

Monroe places the steak on a plate and returns to his seat to enjoy his meal.

In response to the video, Southwest Airlines tweeted: “We- We have no words. Other than please don’t even think about cooking a steak on one of our flights.”

Delta Air Lines also commented on the incident, describing it as “no joke.”

Monroe has since deleted his video, claiming it was an illusion and that no steak was actually cooked.

He also apologised for any confusion his prank may have caused.

Whether the incident is real or not, airlines are now worried that other pranksters may feel inspired to recreate the dangerous stunt.

.Yo @JV @Graham949 @thegabbydiaz I have so many questions, how?? Steak on the plane WTF!!!

— J-Pedro (@J_Pedro9000) December 4, 2020

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