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VIDEO: Two arrested after brawl with Spirit Airlines staff over carry-on size


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VIDEO: Two arrested after brawl with Spirit Airlines staff over carry-on size

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Gate agents attacked during boarding.

Two Spirit Airlines passengers were arrested and a third cited at Detroit Metro Airport on Sunday evening after a fight broke out with gate agents over the size of a carry-on bag.

Agents were asking passengers to verify that their bags were appropriately sized as they boarded flight 646 destined for Atlanta.


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According to reports, this request prompted a group to attack the agents, which further escalated as they closed the door to prevent anymore passengers to board.

“This was not a fight. Describing it as a fight is untrue to our agents. In actuality, three passengers attacked our agents without provocation,” read a statement from Spirit Airlines.


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“The agents attempted to calmly defuse the situation but were physically assaulted by these passengers as they closed a door to stop them from boarding the aircraft.

“All of us at Spirit wish the agents a speedy recovery and thank them for their courage and professionalism.”

In a video posted online, two people can be seen grappling to the ground, while another individual has his hands on an agent, knocking him to the floor.

Many people attempt to break up the fights as the person filming says, “This is so f****** ghetto.”

One of the Spirit employees was reportedly hospitalized after the assault.

Two Spirit Airlines agents injured after three passengers “attacked them” while trying to board a flight from Detroit to Atlanta “without authorization,” the airline says.

— ABC News (@ABC) January 19, 2021

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