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VIDEO: Woman kicked off flight for removing mask accuses Southwest Airlines of racism


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VIDEO: Woman kicked off flight for removing mask accuses Southwest Airlines of racism


Southwest Airlines accused of racism after mask drama.

A female passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight has accused the company of racism after she was reportedly kicked off the plane for not wearing a face mask while using the bathroom.

In a video posted online, the woman can be seen angrily protesting her removal, while giving a p assionate speech to other passengers about the struggles of being black in America.


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“F*** you all, f*** Southwest, I will never fly with Southwest again,” she says.

“Everybody in here is gonna know whoever the f***ing flight attendant is, he was racist and he was mad for two seconds I didn’t have a mask on because I went to a restroom.

“I put a mask on, I’m sitting here in compliance, and he tells me to get off the flight. So, y’all have a good flight, but this is what happens when you’re black in America.”

The woman’s friend then attempts to convince her to leave the aircraft without success.

“No! I’m tired. I paid my money. F*** all of y’all… You’re gonna come to me with a mask covering my nose and my mouth and tell me to get off the flight because the flight attendant feels uncomfortable, because he’s white. F*** you.

“Y’all enjoy your flight. This is what happens when you’re black in America. You guys all witnessed it. For the first time, when you’re black in America they’ll tell you to get off the flight.

“A2 and A3, I paid an extra $80 for these … I’ve gotta go to work tomorrow. Now I gotta find another flight when I had a mask on my face.”

The video was taken by 29-year-old technology consultant Sergio Workman, who said: “I felt the airline was discriminating only because they did not give her a fair chance to comply, simply resorted to removing her and her guest from the plane.

“There were no other passengers actively not wearing their masks but I did witness and hear multiple occasions where passengers were given a chance to correct their face covering versus being removed from the plane.”

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