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You don’t always have to return your rental car at the same location that you picked it up from. Sometimes you might want to get from A to B but not back again. If that’s the case, most rental companies will hit you with a hefty surcharge for that one-way rental.

The renter will justify the higher cots with the extra hassle of bringing the car back to where you picked it up. But instead of sending an employee and letting him drive the vehicle back, some companies offer sweet deals for their customers to transfer the cars between different locations.

Europcar: Rentals in Spain for €1

Europcar is one of the big rental car companies that sometimes run a promotion campaign and give their customers the chance to rent a car for a token payment. Right now, Europcar Spain shows availabilities for this unbeatable deal.

On their website, you’ll see a map of the whole country and a selection of cities that Europcar sets as starting points. You chose the point of departure and Europcar will let you know where they need you to drive the car. It’s that simple.


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Europacar Spain oneway
Get a one-way rental for only €1 in Spain

Rules and conditions

  • You have to be at least 21 years old to participate
  • Fuel is not included and has to be covered by the driver
  • Europcar only provides you with basic coverage. We recommend thinking about upgrading to full coverage
  • You will get some extra kilometers but are restricted to what Europcar offers you. Any miles driven outside the allowance will be charged extra
  • Of course, you will also be responsible for toll or fines incurred during your trip
  • You can’t book a particular type of car but will instead find out what you’ll drive once you pick up the vehicle.

Most of the time the offers will be announced short term and only available for a couple of days. It’s worth checking on your countries page now and again so you won’t miss the deal. Of course, we will also try to keep you updated.


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Hertz One: UK Rentals for £1

Just like Europcar, also Hertz needs to get rental cars from one location to another. That’s why Hertz UK introduced a program called Hertz One. The basic idea is the same as the competitors.

The company will propose selected routes that you can choose from. Every one-way rental will cost you £1, neither fuel nor any other fees (e.g., tolls) are included.

The minimum age is different than when renting with Europcar. Hertz wants the driver to be at least 23 years old. And even then you have to pay a ‘young driver surcharge’ (£28.00 + VAT) if you’re under the age of 25.

Hertz One
Several pick-up locations are available all over the UK

Hertz will provide you with basic coverage for the rental period, but again we suggest to opt for better coverage. Also, for an axtra fee you can add an additional driver to your booking.

Starcar: Get Your Free Rental car in Germany

Apart from those great deals that Europcar and Hertz offer, there are also other companies that provide you with super cheap one-way rentals. In Germany, for example, there is Starcar, a rental company that even offers selected one-way routes for free!

Starcar Deal Germany
A free rental car trip thanks to Starcar

Unfortunately, their website is not available in English or any other language than German for that matter. But Google Chrome and its translation functionality could be helpful. Same as with Europcar you can choose the city of departure and Starcar will let you know, where they need you to drive a car. Full coverage with €650 deductible is included.

Outside of Europe

While relocation offers aren’t yet super popular in Europe, other countries have way more options. Especially if you’re travelling within New Zeeland, Australia, the US or Canada it’s always worth checking for companies that will let you return their car (and often campers too) for a small fee or for free. Here are some options you might want to have a look at:

Australia and New Zeeland

US & Canada


Know about an option in your country?

If you heard about a similar deal within your country, please leave a comment so we can share this information with others. Thanks!

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