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Emirates Set To Receive New Airbus A380 In November


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Earlier this week, Emirates retired its first Airbus A380. This move hinted that it is the beginning of the end of the superjumbo. However, the airline is preparing to receive another unit of the widebody just next month.

Emirates A380
Even through the sun is setting on the Airbus A380 for many airlines across the globe, the aircraft is playing its part in Emirates’ fleet. Photo: Dubai Airports

Part of the plan

Simple Flying had the opportunity to speak with Emirates chief operating officer Adel Al Redha about the situation with the company’s A380s. The businessman states that phasing out of one of the A380s this month is just part of the plan. Altogether, it is not a new requirement, and shouldn’t come as a surprise


However, the process also consists of continuing with the airline’s orders. Redha highlights that there are units that are supposed to be delivered, including a superjumbo in November. This A380 is set to arrive with the airline sometime next month, possibly in the first week.

Emirates a380 getty images
Emirates was the second airline to launch the Airbus A380 commercially. Photo: Getty Images

Showing commitment

The global health crisis is taking its toll on several widebody aircraft around the world. Notably, quadjets such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 are rapidly being grounded and phased out amid the current conditions. However, Emirates is showing its determination in sticking with its plan.


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Al Redha said the following to Simple Flying:

That’s another new A380 as part of the commitment and the order we have with Airbus. So it is a program, and it is a plan that we have had from pre-COVID-19, and we are facilitating and dealing with the deliveries of this aircraft according to that program.”

The pandemic has absolutely rocked the aviation industry from top to bottom. Subsequently, there have been considerable shifts in passenger demand. Many airlines are struggling to fill planes amid strict travel restrictions and transitioning social habits.

Nonetheless, Emirates doesn’t have any immediate plans to shake up the size of the aircraft it holds, such as taking on narrowbody jets. Instead, it is working closely with its sister company, flydubai, which has Boeing 737s. Altogether, there is more coordination being done than ever before between the two carriers.

Emirates A380
Emirates operates the world’s largest A380 fleet. Photo: Getty Images

Superjumbo in action

Regardless, Emirates is deploying the A380 despite the tough conditions. Al Redha added the following about the plane’s services:

“We’re operating, right now, the A380, as you know – and you have seen it – to London Heathrow. We’re operating it to Paris; we’re operating it in short destinations and to Cairo. We are operating it into Oman. And we would enroll the aircraft in our service as we see over the next months to come because rather than adding frequencies initially, we might replace that or meet the demand of the frequencies with a higher-gauge airplane.”

Emirates will undoubtedly hope that global travel restrictions continue to ease. Perhaps we could see the new arrival on its routes shortly.

What are your thoughts about Emirates’ Airbus A380 aircraft? What do you make of the future of the widebody jet? Let us know what you think of the superjumbo in the comment section.

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