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How to: Check your Flight Booking Online


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Once you’ve booked your ticket for a flight, you might want to check if the ticket has already been issued or whether there have been any changes to your trip, such as a rescheduled flight time. Most airlines offer this service themselves. However, using your booking code, you can have a look at your PNR (short for Passenger Name Record) to get all the information you need, too.

Via Your Carrier’s Website

Often, carriers already offer their own tool on their website and you can check with them to find out what you want about your booking.

Aer Lingus Booking Management
You typically need your booking reference and surname to access your booking.

Here’s a list of the leading carriers in Europe and a short description on how to check your booking on their website:

Via your PNR (Passenger Name Record)

All relevant information about yourself and your booking will be stored in the form of the PNR. While this is actually meant to be used by airlines, passengers can access their record, as well.

But if the record is stored with one of the major CRS (once again an abbreviation:) This time for Computer Reservation System) there are also other services that you can use to check you PNR:

If you’re not sure in which system the information about your booking is stored, try to check out the list that Wikipedia offers: Computer reservation system.

As you can see on the list that the free Encyclopedia provides, some airlines use their own CRS or a less common one. Other carriers, including the Lufthansa Group, have already banned third parties from accessing their data a while ago. If that’s the case, you can only use the airline’s homepage to find out more.

Trouble finding your booking?

If you can’t find your booking or your carrier is not listed above, leave a comment. We will try our best to help you out.

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