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Travelling on a budget to the biggest European cities


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In spite of the fact that travelling is all
the rage now and everyone wants to explore new countries, cities and places, it
still entails a plethora of choices and decisions to make. And money to spend.

Obviously, there are some budget-friendly
destinations, but once you want to explore fancy European cities like London
and stay in London hotels or have a blast in Rome, you need to brace yourself
for high costs.

Nevertheless, there are some simple methods
allowing you to make your Eurotrip more affordable and still enjoy truly
authentic European experience in comfortable and nice accomodation.

Take advantage of hotels/" 3142 target="_blank">hotel discount

hotels/" 3142 target="_blank">Hotel costs are usually the most hefty ones to
be incurred while travelling. They are the reason behind such popularity of
cheap, but low-quality hostels or camping places.


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Nevertheless, once you look around smart and
find attractive hotels/" 3142 target="_blank">hotel discount codes (like for example Paris
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), you can significantly diminish your
accomodation costs and still enjoy a comfortable stay.

First, you need to use only high-quality and
user-friendly searching sites as they will not only provide you with a
straightforward and carefree booking process and full information about each
hotels/" 3142 target="_blank">hotel, but also with the most attractive hotels/" 3142 target="_blank">hotel discount codes.

With Paris or Rome
hotel discount codes
, you are able to easily upgrade your vacation
and enjoy truly high-standard hotels for lower price.

Eat locally

Although restaurants and coffee shops situated
just next to the top tourist attractions and monuments seem alluring and
time-saving options, they are usually overpriced and should never be a part of
your bucket list when you are in London, Rome, Paris or Berlin.


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What is more, such restaurants will not only
rip you off, but will also prevent you from having truly authentic local food
experience – instead of eating locally, you will eat in tourist-driven,
frequently poor-quality, locals.

Consequently, before travelling to the biggest
European cities, you should look into Google maps and try to spot the best
local restaurants that are usually situated off the beaten tourist track.

Once you opt for such restaurants, you can be
sure that you will get delicious and fresh food that is willingly eaten by
locals. And you won’t spend a lot of money.

Go around the city in a smart way

European big cities are usually crowded and
the traffic is huge regardless of the time you plan your trip (don’t have high
hopes that you will avoid traffic jams off the peak season ;)). Therefore, you
should forget about renting a car which is an expensive and, due to the
traffic, not a very clever option.

Alternatively, you should rather use bikes,
scooters or walk wherever you can. If the distance is too large, rely rather on
public transport. It will not only allow you to spend less on transport, but also
explore truly authentic London, Paris, Rome or Berlin.

All in all, travelling on a budget to the
biggest European cities doesn’t have to be associated with depriving yourself
of comfort and fun, but actually can even enrich you with more enduring and
authentic experience.

Checking out the best London hotels on the
best searching websites and using Paris or Rome discount hotels/" 3142 target="_blank">hotel codes, eating
like locals and opting for a bike or a scooter instead of a car, are really
carefree methods which will allow you to travel on budget in the best way.

BY Elliot Preece – October 12, 2020

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