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Another Pakistan International Airlines flight attendant suspiciously ‘goes missing’ in Canada


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Another Pakistan International Airlines flight attendant suspiciously ‘goes missing’ in Canada

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PIA investigate missing flight attendant problem.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has said it will confiscate cabin crew passports during layovers after the second flight attendant in six months went missing.

The unnamed employee, who is from Islamabad, arrived in Toronto, Canada on flight PK797 from Karachi before being driven to an airport hotels/" 3142 target="_blank">hotel.


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However, when the crew was due to be picked up at their hotels/" 3142 target="_blank">hotel for the return flight to Pakistan, the flight attendant’s disappearance came to light.

The incident marks the fourth such time in as many years that a PIA flight attendant has gone missing during an international layover.


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Canadian immigration suspects the flight attendant’s plan is to live in Canada illegally.

In a statement, Pakistan International Airlines said it would launch an investigation.

To prevent further incidents, a spokesperson said the airline would instruct airport staff to seize crew member passports during their layover and only return them when they are due to leave the country.

Accommodation security will also be stepped up during layovers, with hotels/" 3142 target="_blank">hotel staff told to alert PIA if any flight attendants behave strangely.

Last year, a PIA flight attendant also went missing in Toronto following a flight from Islamabad.

In 2018, a crew member claimed asylum during his layover in Toronto and never returned to Pakistan.

And in yet another incident, this time in 2019, a female PIA flight attendant disappeared during a layover in Paris, before fleeing to Belgium.

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